About Us

Robot Kits Online is an online store that brings you the best robotics kits and electronic components from some of the world's best known and loved manufacturers, at the lowest possible prices. Our small team are dedicated to serving your needs and work efficiently and quickly to provide all the parts, advice and service to help you build and operate amazing and fun robots.

At Robot Kits Online we believe that building robotics should be a rewarding experience. The uses of robots and advanced electronic gadgets is becoming increasingly more widespread in modern society, and we make it possible for the everyday person to get involved. Building robots is not only a lot of fun, but also teaches perseverance and analytical thinking as well as building your confidence using all types of hand tools and electrical test equipment.

With our experience in the electrical and electronics industries we have developed more than an interest in designing and creating funky and functional circuits and systems. To use it is a passion, and we enjoy sharing that with robot builders and makers all around the world. It doesn't matter whether you are starting off building your first little robot in your bedroom or if you are working on industrial sized robots in a large factory, the principles behind robotics and electronics in general are constant. Design, build, operate, observe, improve.

Our tech guys and gals have been shorting circuits for over 40 years, and have had their share of breakthroughs and setbacks along the way. We know what it feels like to have both success and failure, and understand that sooner or later, every robot maker, backyard builder, DIY robotics newbie, and industrial robotics guru, will experience both of these in the course of his or her work. The key is to take it all in your stride. Learn from your mistakes and remember the things you got right and understand where you went wrong. Building robots can be frustrating at times, but that just makes success all the more sweet when you finally get it right.

Just remember that we are here for you, here to help and listen when things get tough, and also here to celebrate your achievements. We welcome your photos and videos of your robots and wish you all the best.

Mike and the team

Robot Kits Online